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Intelligent Transportation Systems(2.0 credits)

Course Type:Specialized Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Course Name : Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering
Starts 1 : 3 Spring Semester 3 Spring Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Elective Elective
Lecturer : Hideki NAKAMURA Professor  Takayuki MORIKAWA Professor  Toshiyuki YAMAMOTO Professor 
Tomio MIWA Associate Professor 

•Course Purpose
For developing viable intelligent transportation systems, it is important to acquire various knowledge from a standpoint of transportation planning and traffic engineering. The purpose of this course is to review state of the art Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and to learn the fundamentals of traffic flow theory, traffic accident analysis and traffic and transportation management using ITS technologies.
The goal of this course is to develop the following abilities.
- Ability to explain fundamentals of traffic flow theory
- Ability to explain traffic and transport management using ITS technologies

•Prerequisite Subjects

•Course Topics
- Introduction
- Travel Demand Analysis
Four Step Forecasting Method of Traffic Demand
Development of Surveying Technique of Transportation
Traffic Accident Analysis and Prevention
- ITS for Travel Demand Management
Overview of ITS Development in Japan
Car Usage Control at City Center
Public Transportation Usage Promotion
- Traffic Flow and ITS
ITS applications in Japan
Fundamentals of traffic flow characteristics
Car-following theory and traffic simulation
- Route Guidance System
Route search method
Advanced research in ITS
The reports will be offered by each professor.

Lecture materials will be provided.

•Additional Reading
The following books are recommended as references:
Khisty, C.J: Transportation Engineering: An Introduction, Prentice Hall.
Taylor, M.A.Young, W. and Bonsall, P.W.: Understanding Traffic Systems: Data, Analysis and Presentation, Avebury.

•Grade Assessment
Knowledge of fundamentals of traffic flow theory, traffic accident analysis and traffic and transportation management using ITS technologies obtained through the course will be evaluated. Evaluation will be based on the report work and 60% of evaluation score is required for credit earning.

Any requirements are not required.
Classes will be conducted remotely (online or on-demand).
The online class will use Teams or Zoom. The on-demand class will distribute the lecture video through NUCT.
Students who cannot take online classes should take on-demand lesson.
Student can ask a question through chat system during a lecture and by email after a lecture.
Details will be explained until the first lecture throuth NUCT.

•Contacting Faculty
Students can ask questions to professors at any time during classes.
Questions during off-class hours can be asked via e-mail to each professor.
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