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Automobile Chemical Systems II(2.0 credits)

Course Type:Specialized Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Course Name : Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering
Starts 1 : 3 Spring Semester 3 Spring Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Elective Elective
Lecturer : Koyo NORINAGA Professor  Yoshiaki KAWAJIRI Professor 

•Course Purpose
This course discusses current topics in chemical systems used in automobiles. At the end of the course, students will be familiar with recent advance in chemical engineering and chemical systems in the automobile industry, such as fuels and combustion, battery and fuel cell systems, and biofuels. Technical fundamentals as well as recent developments of chemical systems technologies in automobiles will be introduced and discussed.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Students are expected to be familiar with chemistry, math, and physics of the freshman and sophomore (1st-2nd year bachelor) level. Short reviews will be given for those whose technical background in these subjects is not sufficient. Automotive Chemical Systems 1 will also provide good background for this course.

•Course Topics
1. Batteries and fuel cells
2. Biofuels (bioethanol, biodiesel, and other fuels)
3. Control in automobile industry
4. Fuels for automotive, resources and processing
5. Combustion engines
6. Exhaust gas treatments

Printed materials will be prepared and distributed in class. Some of the lecture notes will be posted on Nagoya University Collaboration and Course Tools (NUCT).

•Additional Reading
Additional references will be introduced in class.

•Grade Assessment
Several report assignments will be given, where students search for recent literature to gain further understanding and knowledge of the topics discussed in class. Feedback will be given to improve students' writing skills. A minimum score of 60 or higher out of 100 should be obtained to pass this course.
Grades: S: 100-90, A: 89-80, B: 79-70, C: 69-60, F: 59-0.

No requirements for attending this course

•Contacting Faculty
Students can reach instructors through the NUCT tools, or by email (, replace "_at_" by "@"). Office hours will be held at the end of the course to support students to write their reports.


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