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Electronic Circuits(2.0 credits)

Course Type:Basic Specialized Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Course Name : Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering
Starts 1 : 2 Spring Semester 2 Spring Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Elective Compulsory
Lecturer : Noriyasu ONO Professor  Masahiro HORITA Associate Professor 

•Course Purpose
The purpose of this course is to study basic analog transistor circuits, and to master the design of amplifiers and other analog electronic circuits.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Electrical Circuit

•Course Topics
1. Introduction: diodes and transistors
2. Amplification using transistor
3. Common emitter circuit, Common base circuit, Common collector circuit
4. Bias circuit, equivalent circuit
5. h parameter, input / output resistance
6. Impedance matching
7. Decibel, FET structure and circuit
8. Summary of the basics of electronic circuits and evaluation
9. Small-Signal Mid-frequency Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Amplifiers
10. Frequency Effects in RC Amplifiers: low frequency
11. Frequency Effects in RC Amplifiers: high frequency
12.Power amplifiers: A class
13.Power amplifiers: B class
14. Operational amplifiers
15. Summary of amplifiers and evaluation

Homework is assigned every time after class. Please submit it as a small report the next time.

Necessary materials will be distributed in class.

•Additional Reading
Principles of Transistor Circuits, Ninth Edition, Addison Wesley

•Grade Assessment
Evaluate in reports (20%) and exams (80%). For each of the above, the grade must be C or higher.

The lecture is conducted face-to-face in a lecture room in principle.

A student who is not in Japan or who cannot come to campus for some reasons, can attend the class by remote access.
If you want to attend by remote access, please contact to Horita by the first class.

•Contacting Faculty
Please contact by e-mail:
Horita: horita__at__nuee.NU
Ohno: ohno__at__ees.NU
(substitute @ for __at__ and for NU)


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