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Applied Physics Tutorial II b(1.0 credits)

Course Type:Basic Specialized Courses
Class Format:Exercise
Course Name : Fundamental and Applied Physics
Starts 1 : 3 Autumn Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Compulsory
Lecturer : Masaaki Araidai Assistant Professor  Ai YAMAKAGE Assistant Professor 

•Course Purpose
To master various concepts introduced in Quantum Mechanics by solving a number of questions related to the lecture course. One can acquire the ability to solve the questions in graduate school entrance examination.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Quantum Mechanics

•Course Topics
Solve a number of questions related to the lecture in the following order, make a presentation about questions you solved, and submit your answers.
1. Symmetry properties of Newton's 2nd law, Meaning and examples of "Fictitious force", Introduction to Poisson Blackets.
2. Hamiltonian mechanics, Symmetry and conservation law, Canonical transformations, Revision of basic linear algebra.
3. Mathematical tools of quantum mechanics.
4. Applications of the postulates of quantum mechanics to simple problems.
5. Simple harmonic oscillator, Issue with quantization.
6. The space-time propagator revisited, The Uncertainty principle, The density operator.
7. Identical particles, Tensor product spaces, Entanglement.

Question sheets are provided.

•Additional Reading
1. Principles of Quantum Mechanics, R. Shankar.
2. Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum (Theoretical Minimum 2), L. Susskind and A. Friedman.

•Grade Assessment
Evaluated by score of assignments and presentations. Score more than 60/100 is qualified.


•Contacting Faculty


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