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Computer Software I(2.0 credits)

Course Type:Specialized Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Course Name : Fundamental and Applied Physics Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering
Starts 1 : 1 Autumn Semester 1 Autumn Semester 1 Autumn Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Compulsory Elective Compulsory Compulsory
Lecturer : Eijiro TAKEUCHI Associate Professor  Hiraku okada Associate Professor 

•Course Purpose
The purpose of this course is to study basic computer literacy skills and basic computer programming techniques for solving various problems in the C language through exercises.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Basic mathematics

•Course Topics
1. Basic computer literacy skills
- Writing and sending e-mails
- UNIX command line interface

2. Basics of the C language
- Data types and variables
- Control structures (Selection, loop, etc.)
- Functions
- Standard C library functions (Input/Output, Math, etc.)
- Fundamental data structures (Scalars, arrays, etc.)

3. Problem Solving by Programming

K.N. King: "C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition", W. W. Norton & Company, 2008 (ISBN: 978-0393979503)

•Additional Reading
Some references will be announced in the lecture.

•Grade Assessment
Grades will be based on weekly reports, class attendance, and several project reports. Grades are determined from a score of 100 points.
Students must obtain the score of 60 or higher to pass the course.

Knowledge of mathematics at the high school level.

•Contacting Faculty
Students can communicate with their lecturer and TA during lecture hours or via email (


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