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Introduction to Chemical and Biological Industries(2.0 credits)

Course Type:Related Specialized Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Course Name : Fundamental and Applied Physics Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering
Starts 1 : 4 Spring Semester 4 Spring Semester 4 Spring Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Elective Elective Elective
Lecturer : Associated Faculty   Associated Faculty   Associated Faculty  

•Course Purpose
The purpose of this course is to provide a broad overview of trends in chemical and biological industries in Japan.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Not specified.

•Course Topics
This course introduces cutting-edge R&D topics and anticipated future trends, and looks at chemical and biological production in Japan. It illustrates how these topics relate to society in general, how they play a role in energy and environmental issues, and how they affect the international community. The course will invite researchers with ample experience working abroad to give inspiring lectures in English.

Not specified.

•Additional Reading

•Grade Assessment
Grades will be based on written reports and effort/attitude in class.
Students must obtain a score of 60/100 or higher to pass the course.
Credits will be awarded to those students who score 60 or more.
Grades are as follows: S:100 - 90, A:89 - 80, B:79 - 70, C:69 - 60, F:59 - 0.


•Contacting Faculty
Students can ask questions during lecture hours.


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