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Polymer Chemistry(2.0 credits)

Course Type:Specialized Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Course Name : Chemistry
Starts 1 : 3 Autumn Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Elective
Lecturer : Faculty of Chemistry  

•Course Purpose
The purpose of this course is to learn basics of polymer science. The course begins with basic concepts of polymer, proceeds next to polymerization and synthesis of various polymers, and moves then to characterization, structures, properties, and functions of polymers, and biopolymers.
Upon taking this course, you aim to learn basics of polymer science, such as what polymers are, how to make polymers, how to characterize polymer properties, how properties are affected by polymer structures, how to design functional polymers, and how biopolymers are different from synthetic polymers. You will get basic knowledge on polymer science first and then abilities to apply the basic knowledge to creating new polymer materials.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Fundamentals of Chemistry I, II, Organic Chemistry I, II, Physical Chemistry I, II, Analytical Chemistry

•Course Topics
1. Introduction to Polymer
2. Step-Growth Polymerization
3. Free-Radical Addition Polymerization
4. Ionic Polymerization
5. Linear Copolymers and Other Architectures
6. Polymer Stereochemistry
7. Polymerization Reactions Initiated by Metal Catalysts and Transfer Reactions
8. Polymers in Solution
9. Polymer Characterization – Molar Masses
10. Polymer Characterization – Chain Dimensions, Structures, and Morphology
11. The Crystalline State and Partially Ordered Structures
12. The Glassy State and Glass Transition
13. Rheology and Mechanical Properties
14. The Elastomeric State
15. Structure-Property Relations
16. DNA and RNA that Encode Genetic Information as their Sequences
17. Higher-Order Structures of Polypeptides and Protein
 Prior to taking each class, read the corresponding part of the textbook. After taking the class, solve the problems in the textbook by yourself. During each class, solve the quizzes.

Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials (J. M. G. Cowie and Valeria Arrighi), 3rd Edition; CRC Press

•Additional Reading
Principles of Polymerization (G. Odian), 4th Edition, Wiley-Interscience

•Grade Assessment
The grading is based on quizzes during classes.
Credits will be awarded to those students who understand basics on synthetic and bio-based polymers, polymerization, polymer characterization, structures, properties, and functions. Advanced understandings will be considered.
A minimum average score of 60 or higher out of 100 should be obtained to pass this course.
〈Enrollees after 2020〉
100-95 : A+,94-80 : A,79-70 : B,69-65 : C,64-60 : C-,59-0 : F
〈Enrollees before 2019〉
100-90 : S,89-80 : A,79-70 : B,69-60 : C,59-0 : F


•Contacting Faculty
Students can communicate with their lecturers after lectures.


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