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Biochemistry IV(2.0 credits)

Course Type:Specialized Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Course Name : Chemistry
Starts 1 : 3 Spring Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Elective
Lecturer : Tsukasa MATSUDA Professor 

•Course Purpose
This course is aimed at expanding students’ knowledge in basics of the gene expression and replication from biochemical aspects, including metabolism, structure and molecular function of DNA, RNA and related proteins.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Biochemistry I, II and III
Basic knowledge of biology and chemistry
Cell Biology I and II, Genetics I and II

•Course Topics
Part V “Gene expression and replication” of the text book
1. DNA structure and interaction with proteins
2. DNA synthesis
3. DNA repair and recombination
4. RNA metabolism: transcription and posttranscriptional processing
5. Transfer RNA and ribosomes
6. Translation and posttranslationapl processing
7. Gene organization and regulation of gene expression

It is desirable to read a textbook or reference materials before a class

Principles of Biochemistry International Student Version, Forth edition
Voet D, Voet JG, Pratt CW (Jphn Wiley & Sons)
The textbook (or E-Text) will be used every time in the class including a term exam.

•Additional Reading
Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts B et al. (Taylor & Francis)

•Grade Assessment
Evaluation will be based on examinations at the end of course, and answer/report sheets for Checkpoint at every time of the class.
Absent: based on submission of Course Withdrawal Request Form. Fail: based on failure in the examinations & the answer/report sheets


•Contacting Faculty
Office: Bioagricultural Sciences Building A, Room A-528
Phone: 052-789-4129


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