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Fundamental Physics Tutorial I b(1.0 credits)

Course Type:Basic Specialized Courses
Class Format:Exercise
Course Name : Chemistry Fundamental and Applied Physics Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering
Starts 1 : 1 Autumn Semester 1 Autumn Semester 1 Autumn Semester 1 Autumn Semester
Elective/Compulsory : Elective Elective Elective Elective
Lecturer : TAMA Florence Muriel Professor 

•Course Purpose
This is a companion course to Fundamental Physics II, and offers practical exercises for mastering the concepts introduced in the lecture courses. Students taking the lecture courses should also take this tutorial class

•Prerequisite Subjects
Concurrent registration with Fundamentals of Physics II

•Course Topics
Course Contents
See syllabus for Fundamental Physics II.

Fundamentals of Physics Extended 10th Edition International Student Version with WileyPLUS Set (John Wiley & Sons, 2010 ISBN: 9781118230749)

•Additional Reading
Contact the instructor in charge.

•Grade Assessment
Weekly tutorials, quizzes (Weighting to be advised)
Absent: submission of Course Withdrawal Request Form required
Fail: total accumulated score of less than 60%.

Concurrent registration with Fundamentals of Physics II
The class will be face-to-face or conducted remotely - information will be available on the NUCT website before class start.

•Contacting Faculty
By email:
Question to teachers should be asked using the NUCT function "Message"


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