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Seminar on Nano-Structural Analysis 2D(2.0 credits)

Division at courseDoctor's Course
Course Type:
Class Format:Seminar
Department Name : Applied Physics
Starts 1 : 2 Autumn Semester
Lecturer : Satoshi KASHIWAYA Professor  Koji ASAKA Lecturer  Hitoshi NAKAHARA Assistant Professor 

•Course Purpose
Through reading scientific literature on novel physical properties peculiar to the surface and interface through the observation of the electronic properties, students are trained to understand basic principles of electronic states and devices consists of novel superconductors, topological materials, atomic layer materials, etc.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Solid State Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Statistical mechanics

•Course Topics
1. Development and application of superconducting devices using surface / interface
2. Topological superconductivity and topological quantum computation
3. Electric field induced superconductivity and Josephson junctions
4. Novel physics on Majorana quasiparticles and axion dark matters
5. Surface physics of low-dimensional nanostructures on graphene and nanotube
6. Structures and physical properties of nano-materials

Text books for this seminar will be determined at the beginning of each semester. Scientific papers are chosen in accord with the progress of the seminar.

•Additional Reading
Nothing special.

•Grade Assessment
Object achievement is evaluated by quality of presentation and answers against questions in the seminar. Score of at least 60 points out of a possible 100 is required to pass.

Nothing special.

•Contacting Faculty
Answer during the lecture.


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