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Research Internship2 U3(3.0 credits)

Division at courseDoctor's Course
Course Type:
Class Format:Practice
Department Name : common
Starts 1 : 1 Spring and Autumn Semester
Starts 2 2 Spring and Autumn Semester
Lecturer : Hiroshi IKUTA Professor 

•Course Purpose
Research internship is different from conventional internship for a working experience. Staffs in the faculty and instructors in a company cooperate with each other to set up research themes adequate to the doctoral course, and supervise a long-term internship for 1-6 months. This course aims at training of a person who has ability for an advanced research and development in not only a specialized field but also a multidisciplinary field, and a leader capable of making a proper judgment in a research project.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Students attending Research Internship are strongly recommended to take short-term Patent Laws and Focus on Venture Business I or II before the attendance.

•Course Topics
A student applies for a theme for research set up under the cooperation of a company and Nagoya University. Students should attend at the lecture at the university on the duty of confidentiality and the protection of intellectual property rights before starting the internship.

not specified.

•Additional Reading
not specified.

•Grade Assessment
The credits will be given to the students who have had the working days between 21 and 40 days in the internship company.


•Contacting Faculty
The questions will be answered by the direct supervisors as needed at the internship.


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