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Seminar on Computational Condensed Matter Physics 2E(2.0 credits)

Division at courseDoctor's Course
Course Type:
Class Format:Seminar
Department Name : Applied Physics
Starts 1 : 3 Spring Semester
Lecturer : Masaki SASAI Professor  Tomoki TERADA Associate Professor  Joji CHIKENJI Assistant Professor 

•Course Purpose
1. Understanding and explaining the structures and functions of proteins
2. Understanding and explaining key methods for studying dynamics and stability of the proteins
3. Understanding and explaining important cellular processes such as gene expression and regulation networks

•Prerequisite Subjects
Biological Science, Biophysics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Soft Matter Physics

•Course Topics
1. Protein Structures
2. Protein Functions
3. Genomic Information Analysis
4. Structures and Functions of DNA and RNA
5. Structures and Functions of Biomolecular Networks

Not specified.

•Additional Reading
Not specified.

•Grade Assessment
Achievement of the goals are evaluated equally by the presentations and discussions. Record more than 60/100 is qualified.

Not specified.

•Contacting Faculty
Active discussion based on your own questions is the minimum requirement for seminar.


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