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Civil Engineering and Policies for Developing Countries Ⅱ(2.0 credits)

Division at courseMaster's Course
Course Type:Basic Courses
Class Format:Lecture
Department Name : Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate
Starts 1 : Autumn Semester ,every other year 1 Autumn Semester
Lecturer : Associated Faculty  

•Course Purpose
The objectives of this course are (1) to study the fundamental knowledge on planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in Japan, as well as developing countries; (2) to survey various issues in civil engineering, including the environmental problems and recent development of regional disaster mitigation activities.

•Prerequisite Subjects
None in particular

•Course Topics
1. Introduction to disaster risk assessment
2. Water resources and river basin management
3. Costal zone management
4. Infrastructure development under aid programs
5. Infrastructure projects in developing countries

None in particular

•Additional Reading
None in particular

•Grade Assessment
Credits will be awarded to those students who score 60 or more.
Grades are as follows:
S:100-90, A:89-80, B:79-70, C:69-60, F:59-0.


•Contacting Faculty
Students are encouraged to ask questions in the class.


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