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Advanced Theory of River Basin Management(2.0 credits)

Division at courseMaster's Course
Course Type:
Class Format:Lecture
Department Name : Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate
Starts 1 : 1 Spring Semester 1 Spring Semester
Lecturer : Yuji Toda Professor 

•Course Purpose
To understand the theoritical background and the recent technologies for river and river basin management.

•Prerequisite Subjects
Hydrology and river engineering, open channel hydraulics

•Course Topics
1. Outline of river and river basin management
2. Sediment Transport
3. Fluvial Hydraulics
4. Eco-Hydraulics

Reference materials are distributed

•Additional Reading
Reference materials are distributed

•Grade Assessment
Report: 100%. The grade A ~ F are evaluated by the score of reports

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•Contacting Faculty
Questions after the class or via e-mail are welcome
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